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    Hi, my name is Ryan Tamayo and thanks for visiting my website. Tiger Studios was started July of 2010, when my son was born. I've loved photography since I was a little kid and turned my attention to videography to capture footages of my son as he grows up. I am married to my best friend who supports me every step of the way. My wife and I are both registered nurses by night and full-time parents to Jayden and a baby girl, Arianna Paris.

    My passion is family portraits and wedding videography. Capturing the innocence of a child on film is one of my favorites. I love capturing couples on what is the happiest day of their lives, their wedding day. A wedding film can offer different aspects of the special day that pictures cannot provide. I am based out of Roseville, CA but I can travel to any NorCal location to capture any wedding videography needs.

SERENA & RICHARD | 09.28.2013 | 12 OAKS {Palo Alto, CA}

Had the pleasure of capturing Serena and Richard’s special day at a private estate In Palo Alto, CA. The setting at 12 Oaks Estate was just absolutely beautiful. The backyard was just the perfect size for a wedding with a large guest count. Soaring trees provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Everything was just down right gorgeous.


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These two newlyweds are one of my closest friends. When I first heard that Jon had a “girlfriend” was when we were in Hawaii. A “friend from church” was what I remember of his initial discussion. They started dating about the same time as I started dating my wife at the time. I don’t remember the first time I met Gen, but I remember saying to Jon that he did “good” for himself. Not only is he getting a beautiful and smart woman as his wife, she is genuinely one of the caring person I know. Jon is no slack himself. Jon whom I’ve known for years is one of the most loyal and funny guys I know. So what I first thought of was a mismatch because of her beauty and him lacking in the “looks” department turns out to be a perfect match after all! All kidding aside, I’m proud of these two! Congrats again!

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