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    Hi, my name is Ryan Tamayo and thanks for visiting my website. Tiger Studios was started July of 2010, when my son was born. I've loved photography since I was a little kid and turned my attention to videography to capture footages of my son as he grows up. I am married to my best friend who supports me every step of the way. My wife and I are both registered nurses by night and full-time parents to Jayden and a baby girl, Arianna Paris.

    My passion is family portraits and wedding videography. Capturing the innocence of a child on film is one of my favorites. I love capturing couples on what is the happiest day of their lives, their wedding day. A wedding film can offer different aspects of the special day that pictures cannot provide. I am based out of Roseville, CA but I can travel to any NorCal location to capture any wedding videography needs.

EMILY & PAUL | 11.10.2012 | STANFORD, CA

Paul & Emily had their wedding ceremony at the beautiful Stanford Memorial Church. One can’t tell how jaw dropping gorgeous this church is until you walk past the iron entry doors. I’ve never been to Stanford University before, but people had told me that it’s a beautiful campus. After driving 3 hours from Roseville, CA I was initially shocked about how much traffic there was going into Palo Alto. Then as soon as I saw a man standing on the sidewalk with a sign scalping tickets, I quickly realized that there was a football game at the nearby stadium. The game was between the Stanford Cardinals and the Oregon State Beavers, both one college football’s finest. Being a big college football fan myself, I got excited for a few seconds then quickly realized I wasn’t there to watch the game but to film a wedding. Elation turned into frustration as parking was very hard to come by. Nonetheless, the day had to go on.

Surrounded by friends and family, I met the beautiful bride Emily for the first time at a nearby hotel. Paul, the groom, was also at the same hotel getting ready for his big day. After about 3 hours of preparation, we had to go back on campus for their “first look”. Managed to find a spot relatively quiet of tourists right in front of the church. Few minutes later we were done and my crew and I rushed to set up our video equipment inside the church a mere 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony. One thing I know about Catholic wedding ceremonies is that you better get there on time or else they”ll start without you, even if you are the one getting married. They don’t play!

Wedding vows spoken, wedding rings exchanged, they were finally introduced as Dr. and Mrs. Choi. (Paul is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon) Now we are off to the wedding reception, also on campus. Plugged in “Stanford Faculty Club” on iPhone maps and we were off. We chose to drive to the location rather than walk because we had so much equipment to carry even after being told that the site was only a mere 5 minutes walk.

After 45 minutes we arrived. Sure enough, the new iPhone maps application failed me again. Walked around campus in circles a few times before finally a nice doctorate student showed us the way. Almost missed the Korean wedding tradition, p’ye-baek. This is where the bride offers the groom’s parents dates and chestnuts as a symbol of children (had to google this one before the wedding). In return, the parents give them sake to drink. Finally the parents throws the dates and chestnut to the couple. Supposedly the more they catch, the more children they’ll have. Emily and Paul caught about 20!

The whole wedding day turned out great. Shots drank, wedding speeches were spoken and dancing was plentiful. Thanks to my friends Oliver and Joseph for helping out with my other cameras. Thanks Paul and Emily for the opportunity of capturing your unforgettable day!

EMILY & PAUL | 11.10.2012 | STANFORD, CA from Tiger Studios on Vimeo.

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Rosalie found out about Tiger Studios from seeing one of her old friends featured on a wedding video I made last year, Gabriel and Pricilla. She liked that video and hope she have the same. I hope I delivered with this one. Rosalie and Ryan had their wedding at Arden Hills Resort & Spa in Sacramento, CA. A couple that were natural in front of the camera. Beautiful couple, beautiful friends, and a beautiful venue makes up for a pretty good looking wedding day. I hope I captured the emotions that happened during the wedding.

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